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Mental Arena



Regardless of the physical training regiment, every athlete will eventually come to a place of acknowledging the importance of the Mental Arena; it is the single most important factor in unlocking a higher level of optimal performance.

Training in the Mental Arena equips you to use your mind more constructively, access and utilize emotions more effectively, improve performance, remain focused in the face of adversity and conquer fear; the Mental Arena is where you elevate your performance and accomplish your dreams.

-Master the Mental Arena-


I believe emotional intelligence and connectedness are the keys to unleashing the most successful version of yourself. 

Through my education in Sport Psychology and my own experiences as a Division I athlete and coach, I have witnessed the value of emotional connectedness and the power of owning my thoughts. The ability to process emotions and in-turn create healthy beliefs is a key factor in constructing winning mindsets and belief systems in athletes. I am passionate about connecting each unique individual to their emotions while unpacking and rewiring negative mindsets that are hindering optimal athletic performance.


My mindset completely shifted after Courtney told me, "You have the power to choose how you experience a situation and if you allow yourself to grow in the midst of it."


(Simpson University Women's Soccer)

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