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Skype Session 

1 hour / $65




We’ve all been impacted by unique experiences and moments throughout life; our individual story is important to who we are becoming. The goal in a 1-on-1 coaching session is to understand your backstory while discovering the mindsets and belief systems that influence you. When you have insight on your thoughts and take control of them you will have the power to train your mind along with your body, achieving optimal performance

- Master the Mental Arena -

Most every athlete can recall a specific moment, or collection of moments, when a hobby became a passion they were determined to unashamedly throw their heart, blood, sweat, and tears into. A transformation happens when that passion shapes the way you dream and the things you dream about. When the decisions you make are sifted through a filter telling you whether you’re getting closer or further from accomplishing your dreams. Before long you’ve become the character in the most important story you’ll know, your story, and you've set off to ensure you're the victor with the 'happily ever after'.

The reality is, without a motivating reason for why you should push through the pain, disappointment, slumps, and failure you'll quickly find yourself in survival mode. The hobby that once resulted in you thriving, having fun, and looking forward to the thrill of competition will land you in survival mode. Your dream will fade with your motivation.


There are not shortcuts for mastering the Mental Arena. Just as you need to understand the physical skills to navigate a game plan and demolish your opponent in competition, it's crucial for you to have the tools and understand the mindsets that will make you the victor, living out your dream in your story.

- Master the Mental Arena-

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